P1: Nitrous at Balls in '08

Hybrid GSE Plumbing

Last Update, 8/21/07 by Stephen Daniel

Project Summary

We decided to build the plumbing stack that takes nitrous from a commercial nitrous cylinder out to the motor. We believe we can build a higher quality stack for somewhat less money.

The design is straightforward. Nitrous goes through a T-connector that provides a pressure guage for the inlet pressure. The flow then goes through a solenoid control valve, and then another T-connector. This connector hooks in the line purge valve. The T-connector if plumbed out to a fitting that matches our AN-4 hose fittings. An AN-4 to 1/4" NPT fitting for the end of the host completes the stack. Existing high-pressure nylon tubing will take the nitrous to the rocket's quick-disconnect fitting.

The main solenoid valve is Pratt Hobbies "BFV Solenoid Valve". The line-purge valve is a Predyne valve.

This page contains information on the design of the plumbing that provides nitrous to the motor.

Our current plumbing parts list follows. All part numbers are McMaster-Carr.

Quantity Part Number Description Notes
1 79215A673 Regulator Fitting Inlet Nipple, 1/4" NPT Male, Cga #326, 2.5" Length Attaches a 1/4" NPT fitting to the gas bottle
1 79215A672 Regulator Fitting Female Thread Inlet Nut, Cga #326, 0.947" Length Attaches the above nipple to the gas bottle
2 50785K226 Med-Pressure Extruded Brass Thrd Pipe Fitting 1/4" Pipe Size, Fem X Fem X Male, Tee W/Sealant (Same as 50785K1) Tee Fitting. Bottle pressure gauge will plumb into this fitting.
1 4089K102 Multipurpose Gauge +/-2% Mid-Scale Accuracy 2" Dial, 1/4" NPT Male Bottom, 0 - 2000 PSI (Same as 4089K61) Bottle Pressure gauge
1 5485K31 Med Pressure Extruded Brass Hex Nipple 1/4" X 1/8" Pipe Sz, Male, Hex Reducing Nipple Connects the line purge valve to the second Tee fitting.
1 5454K84 Miniature Brass Barbed Tube Fitting 1/8" NPT Male to 10-32 Female Thread, Tee, Packs of 5 Dump fitting.
3 50675K162 Brass 37 Degree Flared Tube Fitting Adapter for 1/4" Tube OD X 1/4" NPTF Male Pipe Connects a 1/4 AN fitting to a 1/4 NPT fitting.
3 50675K124 Brass 37 Degree Flared Tube Fitting Nut for 1/4" Tube OD Connects the above fitting onto the AN fitting.
2 6537K73 High Flow Straight Through Hose Coupling Brass Sleeve-Lock Socket, 1/4" NPT Fem, 1/4" Cplg Sz Compression fitting, will be adapted to make the quick-disconnect.
3 46105K62 High-Pressure Compact Ball Check Valve Brass, Metal-to-Metal Seat, 1/4" NPT Male Input valve for the motor.
1 9464K15 Viton O-Ring AS568A Dash Number 010, Packs of 100 (Same as 9464K342) QD Seal
3 5272K231 Brass Yor-Lok Tube Fitting Panel Mount (Bulkhead) Coupling, for 1/4" Tube OD Compression fitting, will be adapted to make the quick-disconnect.
2 5272K241 Brass Yor-Lok Tube Fitting 90 Deg Elbow for 1/4" Tube OD More QD parts.