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Breakout Box Parts

This section describes the parts we are using to build the break-out box. Most of these parts we bought from Digikey. Others were purchased from specialty suppliers or at surplus. Quantities listed are the minimum requirements for the break-out box. We recommend buying more than you think you need.

Active Electronics
Part Qty Digikey Part Number Discussion
Diode 1N4004 8 1N4004-TPMSCT-ND Used for freewheel diodes to handle inductive loads and to protect the regulator when input power is removed
Cap 100 uF 2 P12392-ND Voltage regulator input and output capacitor
Regulator LM7808 1 296-21620-5-ND 8 volt regulator -- supplies power to the LEDs and the MOSFET gates
Diode 1N4148 21   Used to protect the MOSFET gate and the indicator LEDs
10K resistor 7 10KQBK-ND MOSFET gate pull-down resistor
100 Ohm resistor 7 100QBK-ND MOSFET gate current limiter
200 Ohm resistor 7 200QBK-ND Indicator LED current limiter
Power MOSFET 7 IRF3709PBF-ND Power MOSFET. Controls the output load's connection to negative power supply.
LED 8 N/A not a Digikey part. Use LSDiode's 5mm 20ma diodes.
Fuse 1 F2765-ND 20A fast-blow fuse. Protects against most abuse. Won't help you if you connect the power up backwards.


Box, Connectors, and Mechanicals
Part Qty Digikey Part Number Discussion
12 x 8 x 2 Chassis 1 HM267-ND This chassis provides the bottom and sides of the enclosure. The top is a custom fabricated front-panel.
Connector 7 A1360-ND This is the panel mount AMD connector that we use for medium current applications. Power comes in on one of these and all of the outputs except for the igition circuit use this connector
Connector 7 A1357-ND This is the other portion of the connector that goes on the wires that will connect to the box
Cable Clamp 7 A32515-ND This cable clamp provides strain-relief for the connectors
Pin 14 A31987-ND These are the male pins, used on the ouput wire connectorss and the power input recepticle.
Socket 14 A31988-ND These are the female pins that mate with the above
Connector 1 A1303-ND This is the 9-pin version of the AMD connector, used for the control wire that runs to the control panel.
Connector 1 A1302-ND The mating 9-pin connector for the control wire
Cable clamp` 1 A32519-ND 9-pin version of the cable clamp for strain relief
Pin 9 A31989-ND Pins for the 9-pin connector, sized for smaller write (i.e. CAT-5)
Socket 9 A31990-ND Mating sockets
Dual banana jack 1   The ignition circuit comes out on a dual banana jack/socket.
Dual banana plug 1   Provides test points even when connected
LED spacer 8 RP507-ND Mounts the LEDs 0.5" below the board so they can protrude into the holes in the front panel.
Terminal block 7 281-1870-ND The output connectors are connected to the PCB through these blocks.
Terminal block 1 ED2231-ND The control wire connector is connected to the PCB through this block
Ring terminals 2 WM18279-ND Power is connected to the PCB by screwing these ring terminals to the board
Heatsinks 8 345-1026-ND Used for both the power MOSFETs and the 8v regulator
Fuse holder 1 F005-ND Panel mount fuse holder
Crimp tool 1 A9920-ND The AMP connectors are very nice, but they require this extravagantly expensive crimp tool. Or you can use very expensive solder pins. Sigh.
Pin extractor 1 A1329-ND You'll also (eventually) need this pin extractor tool