P1: Nitrous at Balls in '09

Motor Project

Last Update, 1/1/09 by Stephen Daniel



  • Hot flames have been seen! Details here.

  • Both the 4' and 2' tubes are complete, except for external thrust ring. (Mark Lloyd)
  • Drawings complete. (Bethany)
  • Forward bulkhead, injector plate, and nozzle collar complete. (Adam, Mike)
  • Nozzle and retaining washer complete. (Alan Whitmore)
  • Pyrovalve fab phase 1 complete. (Steve and Evan)
  • PVC Pipe / paper fuel grain construction Complete. (Steve and Evan)
  • Construction of jig to hold the motor on the stand Complete. (Eric Hamilton)
  • Data gathering board (prototype) is up and running. (Steve and Evan)

To Do

We've completed 11 tests over 5 days.

Detailed test information is here.

Lots of work to do to get things running smoothly. Thoughts on what to do and test next are on the open test page.


  • High level budget is $600.
  • Spent $180 on aluminum stock.
  • Spent about $150 on misc plumbing, including on-board valves.
  • Promised Mark Lloyd $85 for machining.
  • Spent $40 on graphite for the nozzle.