Hybrid Sky

What is Hybrid Sky?

Hybrid Sky is a small group of amateur rocket enthusiasts. We are working on building nitrous hybrid rockets for high altitude launches.

This web site is under construction. The intent of this web site is to provide a place for us to collaborate around the design and construction of the motors, airframes, avionics, ground support and test infrastructure we need for our project.

Over the coming months this web site will grow to include all of the project plans for our current project, a fully custom 4" rocket planned for a BALLS '08 launch.

As construction and testing progress we will add test results and photos here. We also plan to post photos and videos of previous projects.

Who is Hybrid Sky?

At present, we are

  • Evan Daniel
  • Steve Daniel
  • Rik Faith
  • Rhiannon Faith
  • Kathrine Hamilton
  • Adam Steege

Questions and inquiries should be sent to the user id info in the domain hybridsky dot com.



  • P1 is our first group project. Primary goal: 20,000 feet at Balls '09 on a nitrous hybrid

Mark-III PVC Hybrid

  • We've long been interested in promoting low-cost experimental hybrid rocket motors. The Mark-III design is our current design for a flyable J- or K-class all-PVC hybrid motor.

Test Stand

  • We are building a new, stronger, more convenient test stand for testing both current and future motor designs.


  • As part of the test stand project we are building a low-cost, high-quality data capture system for 2 or 4 channels of sensor data.


  • We make extensive use of HSIM to model our motors.
  • We use Rocksim 8 to model our airframes and flights.